Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week, the holiday rush will subside, the preparations will pause and on Thursday we'll take a moment - hopefully much more than a moment - to consider our blessings.

For my part, the recent passing of an old college friend has made me keenly aware of the passage of time - and of the potential for missing the important moments.

So before our family journeys to Southern Maryland for a real family reunion and ridiculous amounts of food, I wanted to take one of these moments to say a simple


Because of your support, encouragement, and yes, your business, I am able to do what I love. It's a rare privilege, and one that I do not take for granted.

I encourage you in this holiday season to take some time to thank those who have been especially important in your journey to this moment - they may never know their impact on your life unless you tell them.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Eric Henning Magician